1-2-1 Bespoke Personal Retreats: A custom made program, to support you totally

You are so very welcome to come to Harnsers End in North Norfolk both on your own, or with a friend, for your own personal retreat experience.

Contact jane.a@yasodharayoga.org on 07765 211564 for more information to arrange a custom made program for your 1-2-1 Tailor Made Retreat in idyllic rural North Norfolk.

If you’re feeling like Hilary, (see her story below), “Unable to sleep properly, eat properly, or even to think properly, I arrived at Jane’s retreat, feeling completely overwrought, on the verge of crashing”, or just want to unwind and be completely looked after in the peace of the North Norfolk countryside, like T.F., (story below), this is the perfect environment to support and hold you.

Physical practice is completely optional, as Jan’s testimonial (below) confirms.

During your retreat you’re nurtured with:
High quality home cooked food, made from top quality ingredients, organic where possible, including home grown organic produce from the garden when in season.

100% attention and focus from your host and teacher of many years experience throughout your  stay
High quality, clean, bright, and comfortable newly refurbished accommodation.

A unique peaceful and supportive environment with views over gardens and trees.

A guest led experience at all times.
A relaxing and stress free environment during your stay.
Guided morning meditation sessions, hatha yoga practice and reflective work for problem solving and goal setting if so desired.


Prices depend on length of stay, which can be 3, 4 or 7 nights. (Prices start at £495 for a three night stay). The accommodation options are either in Jane’s home, or self contained in The Retreat, adjacent to the main house. See them here Accommodation


Contact jane.a@yasodharayoga.org or on 07765 211564 to arrange your custom made 1-2-1 Retreat  in idyllic rural North Norfolk for more information and to arrange your own bespoke retreat package.



Retreat guests experiences and testimonials.

Autumn 2018

I came to the retreat in desperation after exhaustion from work led me to reassess my life. Also suffering with self critical thoughts I had been convinced that yoga & meditation were my last hope. It is for that reason I wanted to venture into the “true” world of yoga, to reap all the benefits, as opposed to an exercise class at a gym.

I contacted Jane who seemed very understanding and accommodating of my situation. Expressing my “lost” feeling, having exhausted all other therapy avenues, she assured me this would benefit me in numerous ways. Her comforting words and kindness, & the fact that it would just be myself and Jane, reassured any doubts that I had, and final nerves en route disappeared when I saw Jane’s welcoming face.

My room was lovely, very cosy and I had everything that I needed. When asked about dietary requirements, I expressed my wanting to embrace the healthy menu. Jane went to a lot of effort to make fresh homemade healthy meals everyday, albeit some things were out of my “comfort zone” (my fault I am very fussy!)

The overall experience has been very interesting and exciting. I am glad I opted for the bespoke yoga as I could not imagine sharing Jane’s time. There was a lot to digest and long periods of focus, but the relaxing environment aided this. For me the best part was the physical practices which left me feeling somewhat lighter/ clearer in my mind and confident.

I have a lot to take away with me, not only the physical yoga, but many other tools, various meditation practices and mantras, to assist me going forward with the everyday challenges of life. I guess I will not know to what extent this has helped me with my initial reason for coming and my own personal journey, until I incorporate it into my daily routine, but it has certainly given me a great insight into the real world of yoga. I leave with a body for of light and a spring in my step☺ Thank you x Deborah

Donna, November 2018

“I booked my retreat because I was looking for something which would enable me to have some ” me time” away from the stresses and demands of everyour day life.

I spent many months looking forward to just getting there. Once I arrived  i just  knew I would not be disappointed.
I had a lovely relaxing time in a lovely home with good food being served to me . Not being a ‘veggie or ‘vegan’ the food was a welcoming change and a wonderful experience.
The yoga  and relaxation sessions were designed around my own needs and specifications allowing me ample time to explore the lovely area.
I would recommend Jane as an instructor  as she is totally committed to you during your stay and can’t do enough to please  you.
I left feeling good about life and  my self and ready to face the challenges life would bring me .
Thanks Jane”
Donna H Norwich

Hilary, March 2018

“I was offered a custom-designed programme, one-to-one, over four incredible days, with as much, or as little, space as I needed, but with loving guidance through some structured workshop activity with plenty of reflection, through chanting and meditation, and through regular satsang, all in the tradition of Yasodhara Yoga.



In peaceful surroundings in beautiful North Norfolk, Jane helped me put myself back together, giving me vision and hope for the future, and the tools and practice – spiritual, mental, emotional – to take away with me to help meet the inevitable challenges along the way.

It is a gift to be given space, yet held; to be heard, sometimes without even speaking; to be encouraged, yet not indulged; to be offered peace, yet stimulation. All these things have been given freely, with loving kindness, and in absolute safety.

Oh – and the food? Sublime! Home cooked, organic, delicious and abundant!

Jane will nurture your entire being with love and compassion (and a fabulous menu!), from wherever you are to wherever you want to be”.

In love and gratitude


Hilary Lepine

Writer, therapist and Spiritual seeker

March 2018


From the moment I had the pleasure of stepping into Jane’s home for my long awaited mini retreat, feelings of ease and peace washed over me.   These feelings stayed with me throughout, in the warmth of Jane’s wonderful hospitality and wise spiritual guidance.   An amazing space surrounded by nature to get away from noise and the pressures of a busy life – to stand back, observe and reflect in a truly supportive environment.

I have slept, relaxed in the garden, read, listened to the birds singing, enjoyed yoga and meditations and the most wonderful fresh, seasonal food in abundance.   Add to that the best week’s weather this year, I return to my own home, rested, relaxed and refreshed – and a date in my diary to return!

T.F. Norwich



I booked a three day one-to-one retreat with Jane on the recommendation of a friend. i had been diagnosed with acute fatigue and felt I had lost my direction.

Jane’s home and studio are set in a beautiful part of Norfolk. One feels safe, sustained and cared for. My room was comfortable and I was able to have time to myself as and when I needed it.

Jane is a keen cook and I was able to regain my lost appetite through the fascinating vegetarian dishes she lovingly prepared.

Jane designed a workshop which I experienced over the three days. It was a gentle, focused process which was brilliantly paced. I was encouraged, through simple but meaningful yoga practices to find my way, with the help of Jane’s soft questioning, towards surprising realisations.

I am not a yoga practitioner myself but I want to emphasise that this retreat does not require one to be so. It is passionately delivered with all the skill learned through many years of study but it has no hard edges – it washes over you like rain and leaves you feeling profoundly centred.

Thank you Jane for taking care of me, sharing your knowledge and sending me home with sweet smelling blossoms in every sense.

Jan Farmery



More testimonials

Retreat weekend, November 10-12th 17.

“Beautiful setting in North Norfolk Countryside, very close to Blicking Hall and lovely for walks.
Jane is happy to share her comfortable home with guests and offers vegan food, She will also cater for special diets.

The accommodation is in double and twin rooms, and the luxury bathroom is shared.

During my retreat I experienced the relaxing and reflective teachings of Yasodhara Yoga, offered by Jane with care and expertise. I felt I was in safe hands and returned from my weekend with new insights to take me forward.
Refreshment and renewal can always happen if I take myself out of my ‘normal’ routine”. Elizabeth Taylor

The Yasodhara Yoga European Teachers’ Convention – March 2017

“Wonderful. Nice beds, beautiful views. I like the themed rooms and the decoration that goes with it”. “Thanks for providing us with such a lovely space, your warmth and care, and your amazing cooking!” Judith Grob

” Very comfortable bed and clean room. Great to have the yoga room. Lovely decking area. All totally great and very nice that you were so willing to help to provide whatever was asked for”. Mary Jane Claydon