Saturday 9th February 2019 Hidden Language & 2nd Cakra Workshop with Retreat Options

Saturday 9th February 2019 Hidden Language & 2nd Cakra Workshop with Retreat Options

The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga with Extended Relaxation 10am – 12.00 pm, two hours to unwind over shared lunch,

and Kundalini Workshop: The Second Cakra: Svadisthana Cakra, the element of water.

Through meditations, mantra and visualization, enter the watery world of imagination, emotions and self-image. 2-4pm.


Come out to the country for a part or whole day retreat, or stay for the weekend in the Main House.  You can stay in The Retreat for either the weekend, or the whole week , and bring a partner to stay for free in The Retreat with you too (see below for booking options).

There is a Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga session between10-12, followed by a shared vegetarian/ vegan g/f lunch and opportunity to relax in the garden, followed by an exploration of The First Cakra of the Kundalini System 2-4pm. Satsang will be offered afterwards. (Attendance at Satsang by donation to charity).

Come for part or all of the day. The afternoon session is reflective practice through mantra, meditation and relaxation. Bring a mat and blanket and note book and pen for both sessions

Contact for more information or to book a place. 

About The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga

The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga Symbols, Secrets and Metaphor

“Hidden Language Hatha Yoga is both deeply personal and brilliantly universal. Through attention to the symbolism of the asanas, (postures), we can discover layers of meaning and make connections that change our lives. Because we are listening to the body, our reflections take on an honesty and reality that the mind can’t deny. As we move into the asana, it becomes clear where we are holding tension, where we are protecting ourselves, where we open. Starting from an attitude of acceptance, we can encourage movement and bring in curiosity. What is holding? How does it relate the symbolism of the position?

Symbols resonate with meaning and allude to a richness that continues to be revealed as they are explored. They always hold further mystery. When we realize that the names of the asanas and the physical positions themselves are symbolic, we are standing at a doorway. Through the Hidden Language process, Swami Radha offers us a key.

Bringing reflection into our Hatha Yoga practice, we learn to listen- not just to the body, but also to our thoughts, intuition and memories. We observe and acknowledge images that may arise in our minds, connected with the symbol. By being aware of the interactions between our body, our mind and the symbol, the pose deepens. Yoga is suddenly more than a workout at a certain time of day. It becomes relevant off the mat. The insights gathered in practice can be carried into action. Life starts to change. Yoga comes alive.”

By Swami Lalitananda, from the forward to Hatha Yoga The Hidden Language by Swami Sivananda Radha.

“In the Hidden Language approach to Hatha Yoga, founded by Swami Sivananda Radha, the asanas can be realised as mudras, sacred seals or gestures. If we want to understand what secrets they hold, we can inquire and reflect and begin to loosen up what has been sealed away- in our bodies, in our minds, in the potency of the poses themselves”.

Swami Lalitananda, The Hidden Life of Asanas.

The Hidden Language approach is a reflective one. Bring a mat, blanket, journal and pen.

Click here for more information on Kundalini Yoga.

The Second Cakra, Svadisthana, the element of water.

“The second cakra, the Svadisthana, is related to water and the imagination. What do we do with this fluidity of possibility?… We have to control the waves of the mind.

Our imagination is like water, and can range from murky to very clear. Like water, the imagination can be very supple and smooth, stagnant and flowing, gushing or falling in torrents and it will have the respective effect in our lives… Mantra will purify the waters of the imagination”.

From YOGA A Path to Awareness. by Swami Sivananda Radha

In this experiential two hour workshop we will be exploring key concepts associated with the second cakra through mantra, reflection, visualisation, relaxation, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Dive deep, and see what pearls lie below!

Investment Options.

£20 per session. Early bird booking: £18 when booked at least four weeks before the date of the workshop.

£50 for the day. Early bird booking: £45 for the whole day when booked at least four weeks before the date of the workshop.

Lunch is shared, but if you wish to stay for lunch and are unable to bring a dish to share, you’re welcome to stay, and make a suggested contribution of £10-15 to the Radha House Association charity.

Residential weekend options.

Two nights accommodation in the Main House.

Arriving Friday evening for supper, departing Sunday after brunch, includes all meals and workshops. £295. Early bird before 8th January, £275

In the Retreat. Weekend option.

Arriving Friday evening for supper, departing by Monday morning 10am £335. Includes Meals from Friday evening to Sunday brunch, plus the workshop. Early bird booking price, £315 before 8th January.

Stay at The Retreat for the whole week

Arriving after 3pm on Friday 8th February, departing before 10am on the 15th February, £375. Includes meals and workshop as above. Early bird before the 8th January £355.

You can bring a partner to stay at The Retreat at no extra charge for the weekend or the week, meals and workshop not included, but available over the weekend as above by separate negotiation.

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Accommodation is available, minimum two night stay. Click here for self catering or full board options: Accommodation

Contact for more information or to book a place.