What do you do if a nice young man offers you a Kohlrabi?! Raw vegan Recipe.

Yesterday, I met the nice young man who is working the allotment next to mine. We introduced ourselves and had a pleasant chat. At some point, he asked me if I liked Kohlrabi. Well, what to say? In theory, yes, but, I’d not eaten it since going raw, and wondered what on earth I would do with it if I wasn’t going to be cooking it. Realizing that this young man did not need to know the inner workings of my mind, but was simply waiting for a yes or a no, I told the truth and said ‘Yes, I like kohlrabi’, with mind racing as to what I was going to do with it when I took it  back to my kitchen. Ever convinced of the benefit of taking a risk, and batting outside of the box, I experimented with this interesting member of the cabbage family, and was quite stunned at the result! See below for the recipe.


I decided to use my Spiraliser – here is a link to the type that I use – http://amzn.to/1de8jgR. I used the blade that shreds rather than creates spirals. A mandolin would be perfect too.

Oh, by the way. I washed the kohlrabi and took the stems off, and tried to slice it, but, the kohlrabi wasn’t having any of it.  Having battled with trying to shove it through the spiraliser with little success, I eventually  realized that it has a very woody skin, which was preventing it from going quietly in the manner that I had intended for it.

So, it had to be peeled, which was a shame, as I like to eat all of an organic vegetable if possible and practical.

So, once it was peeled, shredded and tamed, I added the most simplest of things. Lemon juice- of one whole lemon. Sprouted green lentils (umma umma – love these). Sprouted broccoli seeds (look like alfalfa sprouts, but taste more peppery). And, pear. It’s seasonal, and, I had some in the fruit bowl. I have a fabulous swede and pear recipe, so figured that adding pear could be a winner. And, then a little salt.

That simple, and, amazingly delicious!I mean, really, I was amazed at how tasty it was.

Wikipedia states that “It has a texture similar to that of a broccoli stem, but with a flavor that is sweeter and less vegetal”. I’ll go with that. This recipe has to be tried to be believed. By the way, I do find that if people ask me what I am eating and I simply state the ingredients, it does not do justice to the amazing alchemy that happens when you use fresh, organic ingredients creatively. So, I find it best to decline to say, and just let people try. Unless it’s nuts: always good to check if people are allergic to anything before they try!

Anyway, if a nice young man offers you a kohlrabi, just say “yes’. I’ve already done the head work on this one. Take it, and, enjoy!