Day Retreat

A Day of Yoga and Relaxation with Delicious Home Cooked Lunch followed by Dream Workshop and optional Satsang

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Saturday 9th June 2018

10am – 5.00pm



Yoga and Relaxation



Relaxation is a skill that can be cultivated. This workshop teaches you techniques to relax both the mind and the body through Yasodhara Hatha Yoga, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation.This is an opportunity to slow down and reconnect to a place of inner peace and calm.Yasodhara Yoga integrates classical asanas with spiritual practices of mantra and meditation. These workshops empower students to accept and listen to their bodies. Non-competitive and compassionate, open to all levels.


Lunch 12.30-2.30 pm

Enjoy a delicious home cooked vegan gluten free lunch, organic where possible, with seasonal produce from the garden, in the company of like minded people. Relax in the warm and cosy house, or enjoy the garden and surroundings on more clement days.


Dream Yoga Workshop 2.30-5pm

“Are we living in one world- the world in which we walk with our feet? Or do we live in another world- a world of thought and dream? Which is real? When does life become a reality and when is just another dream?… Our dreams are our own creations, and as we study them we learn our personal language of the unconscious.” Swami Sivananda RadhaExploring dreams helps us to learn the personal language of our own subconscious dreaming mind, and as we study them they can reveal its messages.The dreaming mind speaks to us in symbols. There can be no generalization about symbols because we each develop our own symbolic language. Once we begin to understand its language, our dreaming mind can become our best friend and teacher, our own inner Guru.Come and explore your dreams and see what they have to teach you.

Bring a notebook and pen.
N.B. This is not a physical yoga class.

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Evening Satsang
5pm – 5.45pm

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“A very lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. Quiet, calm, safe space in which to explore my body through yoga and relaxation.” Laurie McAllister

” A lovely relaxing class. I felt safe and contained in this environment”.

“After a weekend with Jane at her lovely retreat centre in North Norfolk I felt nourished and renewed, not only by the relaxing and reflecting processes we were taken through in our yoga sessions, but also by the delicious vegan good and comfortable surroundings”. Elizabeth Taylor

“Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating”. Clare Gay

Most valuable insight:
“Being in the here and now through breath”. Sharon Zagni

“I would highly recommend Jane’s Yoga Relaxation days. The venue is  perfect – set deep in glorious Norfolk countryside, it is the ideal place for this type of workshop. The morning was a magical mystical journey of unfolding awareness of my body and how to return to a state of calmness and relaxation”.
Maggie Claridge