Dream Yoga Workshop

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Saturday 2nd April 2022 2-6pm

Dream Yoga is a way to get in touch with your Higher Self through the involvement and analysis of your dreams. Analyzing the content of dreams is the most direct means of learning to understand your self. By combining yoga techniques and practices with an investigation of symbolism, Dream Yoga opens up a dialogue with the unconscious mind. It is a detailed method of interpreting the messages of your subconscious to create change in your waking life.

The yogic method of working with dreams emphasizes independence and stresses understanding yourself as an individual. Dreams are personal creations, and as you study them you learn the language of your unconscious. Making your own discoveries is a very joyful process and gives you the courage to go on. By finding answers within, you gain self-confidence.

The dreaming mind speaks to us in symbols. There can be no generalization about symbols because we each develop our own symbolic language. Exploring dreams helps us to learn the personal language of our own subconscious dreaming mind, and as we study them they can reveal its messages. Once we begin to understand its language, our dreaming mind can become our best friend and teacher, our own inner Guru…

In this four hour workshop you will be facilitated through Swami Sivananda Radha’s Dream Method . You’ll learn ways to open up and find the unique message of your dream, as well as tools to help you work with your dreams on your own.

Come and explore your dreams and see what they have to teach you!

You will need: a dream, written down, as you will be using the document to work with.  You’ll also need a note book, pen, coloured crayons/pencils and paper, refreshments, and a comfortable, undisturbed place to work.

N.B. This is not a physical yoga class.

When: Saturday 2nd April 2022 2-6pm

Cost:  £40. Concessions available for those with limited income in these challenging times. Contact JaneCatherine here to discuss concessionary places

Payment: via PayPal here or via BACs

Contact: JaneCatherine for BACs details here, to book a place, or for any more information 

Places available: 16