Finding Balance Weekend Retreat

Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th March and Friday 21st-Sunday 23rd September 2018

Day attendance welcome on the Saturday


How can I find more balance in my life?



At this point of balance between the seasons, harness the energy of the equinox, and celebrate  this special time, deep in the peace of the North Norfolk countryside.

Balancing the demands of daily life and taking care of yourself can be challenging. How can you stay centered and calm? How can you step back to gain perspective and move forward with clarity?

Learn yogic techniques such as breath, visualisation, meditation, reflection and relaxation to help restore calm and a clear sense of what is most important in your life.



Weekend Retreat Main House Accommodation, Arrive Friday, Depart Sunday £295


Weekend Retreat The Retreat, Arrive Friday, Depart Monday £475


Day Attendance, One Day Workshop £60, including lunch

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Finding Balance

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