About The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga

“Hidden Language Hatha Yoga is both deeply personal and brilliantly universal.”

Swami Lalitananda. The Inner Life of Asanas

“Bringing reflection into our Hatha Yoga practice, we learn to listen- not just to the body, but also to our thoughts, intuition and memories. We observe and acknowledge images that may arise in our minds, connected with the symbol. By being aware of the interactions between our body, our mind and the symbol, the pose deepens. Yoga is suddenly more than a workout at a certain time of day. It becomes relevant off the mat. The insights gathered in practice can be carried into action. Life starts to change. Yoga comes alive.”

By Swami Lalitananda, from the forward to Hatha Yoga The Hidden Language by Swami Sivananda Radha.

“When we practise yoga – which essentially means practising awareness – we begin to live with greater freedom of choice. Awareness is necessary to know what is happening in the mind and gradually to gain the ability to choose thoughts rather than be overrun by them.
In Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, we watch the mind as we approach and practice the asanas. By concentrating on the symbol of the asana, asking questions, exploring our associations, the mind is engaged. In reflection on the asana, the unconscious often brings up the ballast it wants to be free of, so we can let go of unnecessary mental and emotional burdens, which are also carried in the body itself. When we deal with the problems that arise, we calm the mind and may discover that we do have the power to change ourselves”.

Swami Lalitananda. The Inner Life of Asanas

The Hidden Language approach is a reflective one. Please make sure to have a journal and pen with you as well as a mat and blanket.

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