Past Events

An Introduction to Manipura Cakra (the 3rd Cakra in the Kundalini System) June 2020

E – motion = “energy in motion”
What prevents clear sight when the emotions are stimulated?
How can I transform emotions into ‘finer feelings’? The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to Manipura, the third cakra,  and give a broad idea of the challenges and strengths at that level of consciousness, and give you practical and transformative tools to work with them. Connect with the transformative potential of Manipura Cakra, the 3rd Cakra in the Kundalini system in this 1.5 hour workshop If you are wondering why it seems like we are starting at the 3rd cakra, its simply because the 1st and 2nd Cakras were previously introduced in physical workshops in 2018 & 2019.

Dream Yoga Workshop, May 2020

This inward and reflective lockdown period has given some the time to connect more deeply with their dreams, and a request has come forward for dream workshops, so the next Saturday reflection class will be a dream workshop. We will take two hours to explore a dream and see what the hidden messages are for you.

“Our dreams are our own creations, and as we study them we learn our personal language of the unconscious.” Swami Sivananda Radha

Finding Balance on line reflection class 2nd May 20.

The ‘Finding Balance’ on line reflection class was very special. People new to Yasodhara Yoga joined for the first time and said how powerful the practices (relaxation, visualisation, mantra, breathing , meditation) were for them. We connected from all over Europe, from Norwich to London and Lowestoft, and Sweden, Denmark, France and Spain!

Escorted Trip to Yasodhara Ashram – 2019

In October 2019, JaneCatherine took a group from Norfolk on an amazing trip to attend the Ten Days of Yoga course at Yasodhara Ashram. Here you see Jane with Lisa, a Yoga teacher from Alaska who also took a group of her students to participate in this course. (Click here for details.)

Hidden Language & Second Cakra, SvadisthanaWorkshop Saturday 9th February 2019

Through meditations, mantra and visualization, entering the watery world of imagination, emotions and self-image.

East of England Yoga Teachers’ Symposium – January 6th 2019

(Not a) Christmas, Christmas Yoga Retreat – 23-27th December 2018

“Brilliant retreat to escape Xmas and explore intentions. The small group (six in total including the instructor) was a good size, sufficient company yet small enough to feel welcomed and part of the group. I’ve come away with some useful insights because of the reflections we were able to do within yoga and the questions which Jane guided us to think about. Kundalini system, chanting, satsang and hidden yoga are all new aspects to me and I came with an open mind to the whole programme and have learnt a lot more than I anticipated. Whilst I am not a vegetarian, I thoroughly enjoyed the vegetarian food which Jane cooked – it was very tasty and the variety of food over the 4-5 days was wonderful. I stayed in the ‘snug’ which had a double sofa bed, and I also benefited from having sofas in the room (its normally the sitting room!) all to myself!! The room was comfortable and the rate was cheaper than a bedroom, and good value for money. The surrounding area of Norfolk is beautiful and Jane took us on optional woodland walks and also a beach walk (15 minutes drive away) during our afternoons. We also built a fire in the garden for the evening twice which was a wonderful way to end the day. Jane is a superb instructor and host and goes out of her way to make you feel welcome and to help you get the most from your time spent with her on the retreat”. 

Lisa Chan

Relaxation and Dreams Workshop December 2

1st Cakra workshop, Root Cakra, Muladhara October 2018

Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga and First Cakra Day Ocotber 18

Going beyond stretch and relax with this meditative style of Hatha Yoga which respects the body as a spiritual tool, leading to greater peace of body, mind and heart.

The Kundalini System can be said to be a map for your life’s journey. Start with feet placed firmly on the ground. 

June 9th 2018. Hatha Yoga and Relaxation followed by shared lunch and an afternoon exploring the First Cakra of the Kundalini System.

April 21st 2018 Introduction to the Kundalini System Day Retreat

Hatha Yoga and Relaxation Workshop January 6th 18

Goals and Intentions Workshop January 4th 18

Introduction to The Kundalini System January 3rd 18

Hatha Yoga and Relaxation Workshop December 2nd 17

Hatha Yoga and Relaxation Class with Dream Yoga Workshop Retreat Weekend November 10-12th 2017

Yasodhara Yoga & Relaxation in North Norfolk

 The Yasodhara Yoga Teachers Convention March 2017

Teachers from France, the Netherlands and Kent in England gathered in Oulton. Hosted by Jane and facilitated by Swami Sukhananda. 

Click here to read about it in the local news.

“After a weekend with Jane at her lovely retreat centre in North Norfolk I felt nourished and renewed, not only by the relaxing and reflecting processes we were taken through in our yoga sessions, but also by the delicious vegan good and comfortable surroundings”. Elizabeth Taylor

 “Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating”. Clare Gay

 “A very lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. Quiet, calm, safe space in which to explore my body through yoga and relaxation.” Laurie McAllister

” A lovely relaxing class. I felt safe and contained in this environment”.

“It was an incredibly insightful process. Very clear”.

” Jane has a beautifully clear and calm way of working through the Dream Yoga workshop. I highly recommend others to come along to enjoy the process of understanding the hidden meaning of your dreams. It is a very personal process and incredibly useful”. Maggie Claridge. 

The workshop “has met my expectations and found it very useful. The conclusion was very enlightening”. Haydn Claridge

The Dream Yoga workshop is “Great. Imaginative, relaxing, constructive. Takes one on an amazing journey of self discovery. But more than that, it offers a practical way forward.” Caroline Ross Pirie

“Excellent workshop. Was able to reach new understanding on my dream”.

“There is a natural order of things. What hasn’t been expressed will be expressed. Keeping the unconscious ‘down’ is tiring. Surrender to the process”.

 “Jane is a fine teacher and very confident and comfortable with the method”. Elizabeth Taylor.

“Beautiful setting in North Norfolk Countryside, very close to Blicking Hall and lovely for walks.
Jane is happy to share her comfortable home with guests and offers vegan food, She will also cater for special diets.The accommodation is in double and twin rooms, and the luxury bathroom is shared. During my retreat I experienced the relaxing and reflective teachings of Yasodhara Yoga, offered by Jane with care and expertise. I felt I was in safe hands and returned from my weekend with new insights to take me forward.
Refreshment and renewal can always happen if I take myself out of my ‘normal’ routine”. Elizabeth Taylor

“Wonderful. Nice beds, beautiful views. I like the themed rooms and the decoration that goes with it”. “Thanks for providing us with such a lovely space, your warmth and care, and your amazing cooking!” Judith Grob

” Very comfortable bed and clean room. Great to have the yoga room. Lovely decking area. All totally great and very nice that you were so willing to help to provide whatever was asked for”. Mary Jane Claydon