Raw vegan healthy sweet snack. Great winter warmer!

November 9, 2013 0 Comments

I approach recipe creation according to what is in season, what is in my store cupboards, and, almost most importantly, what my body is telling me it would like to eat. This can be a very different thing to what ‘I’ think I want – identifying the difference between want and need is a skill to be cultivated and cherished!

So this morning, I soaked some mixed nuts, to remove the phytic acid in them before use. The reason that this is important is: during the process of digestion, phytic acid binds to useful minerals (zinc, iron, magnesium, chromium, calcium and manganese) which prevents the body breaking the nuts down and receiving the maximum benefit from them.

Nuts are an important part of a raw vegan diet as they are good sources of protein. Often, I will soak whichever nuts I feel like eating later, then invent recipes around the ingredients that I have.

So today,

I ground flax, chia and hemp seeds in a high speed blender

(Most of  my recipes are ‘intuitive’, i.e., I put in how much I fancy of each ingredient, so experiment to taste).

All ingredients are organic too.

In  a food processor I added the soaked nuts, with raisins and dried coconut and processed.

Then added the ground seeds. Processed some more.

Then got creative, and added : microplaned fresh ginger and orange peel – which made me think of the winter season, so got out the mixed spice and added some of that. Then, ground cardamom, vanilla essence, cacao powder, and, finally, orange juice, then pulsed it all together until it bound together enough that I could form it into balls.

This is a great healthy snack when you need energy. I’ve just packed some up to take with me to work on clearing my allotment so that I can enjoy fresh organic produce next year!

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