Introduction to The Kundalini System Retreat Weekend


Introduction to the Kundalini System Retreat Weekend

In North Norfolk


Friday 20th- Sunday 22nd April 2018

Day attendance welcome.


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The Kundalini System can be said to be a map for your life’s journey.

Learn how to access the power of the Kundalini system, and open to your creativity and inner wisdom. Discover tools to help move towards fulfilling your potential.


Exploring the symbolism of the cakras, using practices that by-step the intellect such as mantra, reflection, study and other creative practices, allows inspiration and information to arise from your intuitive mind, leading to new insights.

Enter in, and open to the symbolism of the System.

You are very welcome to attend the workshop on a one day basis.



Arrive on Friday afternoon from 3pm onwards.

Enjoy a delicious home cooked organic wholefood vegetarian supper before getting to know like minded people, relaxing and settling down into your comfortable room.

Saturday morning starts at 7.30am, with a one hour Yasodhara Hatha Yoga class, which is carefully planned with complementing the daily workshop in mind.

Breakfast is at 8.30am, and you have until 10am to relax before the morning workshop.

At 10am, we enter into the Kundalini System and explore the cakras one by one, unfolding the key symbols and concepts associated with each level of consciousness.

Lunch is after the morning workshop, and may be held in silence, depending on what is being explored during the day. There is then time to go for a walk, read, rest, relax, and simply please yourself. There may also be reflections to consider from the mornings workshop during that time.

The second half of the workshop finishes at 5pm, after which satsang will be offered. Attendance is entirely optional.

There will then be time out to relax before supper.

You then have the rest of the evening to carry on relaxing, unwinding, and reflecting.

On Sunday morning there is hatha yoga between 8.30-9.30, followed by brunch.

You’re then welcome to enjoy a relaxing day either at Harnsers End, or explore North Norfolk. If you would like lunch, you’re very welcome, after which you can leave at your leisure.


You are, of course, welcome to arrive earlier or extend your stay for a few more days by arrangement.



Residential option £295

One day attendance £60

Introduction to the Kundalini System Retreat Weekend


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