Hatha Yoga and Relaxation Workshop, Retreat weekend, November 10-12th 17.


“A very lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. Quiet, calm, safe space in which to explore my body through yoga and relaxation.” Laurie McAllister


” A lovely relaxing class. I felt safe and contained in this environment”.

“After a weekend with Jane at her lovely retreat centre in North Norfolk I felt nourished and renewed, not only by the relaxing and reflecting processes we were taken through in our yoga sessions, but also by the delicious vegan good and comfortable surroundings”. Elizabeth Taylor


“Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating”. Clare Gay


Most valuable insight:
“Being in the here and now through breath”. Sharon Zagni


Dream Yoga Workshop, Retreat weekend, November 10-12th 17.

“It was an incredibly insightful process. Very clear.”

“Jane has a beautifully clear and calm way of working through the Dream Yoga workshop. I highly recommend others to come along to enjoy the process of understanding the hidden meaning of your dreams. It is a very personal process and incredibly useful”. Maggie Claridge


The workshop “has met my expectations and found it very useful. The conclusion was very enlightening”

Haydn Claridge

The Dream Yoga workshop is “Great. Imaginative, relaxing, constructive. Takes one on an amazing journey of self discovery. But more than that, it offers a practical way forward.” Caroline Ross Pirie

“Excellent workshop. Was able to reach new understanding on my dream”.


“There is a natural order of things. What hasn’t been expressed will be expressed. Keeping the unconscious ‘down’ is tiring. Surrender to the process”.


“Jane is a fine teacher and very confident and comfortable with the method”. Elizabeth Taylor.


Retreat weekend, November 10-12th 17.

“Beautiful setting in North Norfolk Countryside, very close to Blicking Hall and lovely for walks.
Jane is happy to share her comfortable home with guests and offers vegan food, She will also cater for special diets.


The accommodation is in double and twin rooms, and the luxury bathroom is shared.

DUring my retreat I experienced the relaxing and refelctive teachings of Yasodhara Yoga, offered by Jane with care and expertise. I felt I was in safe hands and returned from my weekend with new insights to take me forward.
Refreshment and renewal can always happen if I take myself out of my ‘normal’ routine”. Elizabeth Taylor

“I think you listen a lot and very well to my needs, whatever they may be. The whole experience has been challenging, but, on a fundamental level, very comfortbale. You communicate really clearly and softly”. Caroling Ross Pirie


The Yasodhara Yoga European Teachers’ Convention – March 2017


“Wonderful. Nice beds, beautiful views. I like the themed rooms and the decoration that goes with it”. “Thanks for providing us with such a lovely space, your warmth and care, and your amazing cooking!” Judith Grob


” Very comfortable bed and clean room. Great to have the yoga room. Lovely decking area. All totally great and very nice that you were so willing to help to provide whatever was asked for”. Mary Jane Claydon


” Jane works in a very gentle and thoughtful manner – focussing on bringing inner observations out of her students, whilst lovingly challenging them to move forward beyond their perceived physical and spiritual limitations. Her style and methods really maximize potential growth for the whole person”.


“I would highly recommend Jane’s Yoga Relaxation days. The venue is  perfect – set deep in glorious Norfolk countryside, it is the ideal place for this type of workshop. The morning was a magical mystical journey of unfolding awareness of my body and how to return to a state of calmness and relaxation”. Maggie Claridge


“Jane has a sublime way of leading the class. Very much enjoyed this mornings experience.” Sue Lee


“I felt the authenticity and congruence of content and your embodiment allowed me to return to our deeper Cosmic reality, with many insights – a new beginning within a familiar cycle”. Annie Lloyd.


“I am feeling very rejuvenated, lower back pain grumble is not with me today, and internally feel very comfortable and straightened.” Sally Hopper


“Excellent method of teaching and presentation. The pace is good, Jane’s voice is calm, clear, strong and direct”.


“I can relax! I find it very hard to be still and my mind is always busy. I thought I wouldn’t be able to relax, so I’m thrilled that I did!”


“Excellent (workshop). At no time did I feel out of my depth. Clear and precise teaching”. Sarah Helena Bale


“Jane has many experiences she brings to class… The environment feels spiritually natural”. S.L.


“I’m full and complete from today. What there is is an honest felt experience from which gratitude emerges…” A.L.


“A very enjoyable workshop – the right number of people so that it wasn’t too intimidating for me”. S.H.


After working for a whole term, I asked those attending some simple questions. Here are some of their responses.

1. What has been your experience of this term?

The aims were to convey what the Path of Yoga really is, and, to experience a quality of deep inner connection, and mindfulness of the bones. Were these aims achieved?

This course is what I always suspected yoga could be but up to now hadn’t found it.

Yoga is a method where I can connect to my breath and the release what I’ve been holding for years.

Yoga isn’t doing exercises and getting a great body. Yoga works from the inside out. Yoga helps me to be my authentic self.

Learning to become more embodied-more connected with the body. Always thought yoga would be too physically demanding, but attracted by your spiritual focus through practice.

I’ve begun to find a connection with my body and bones. It’s not been as difficult as I thought… I have found yoga to be less about..positions than I expected. It’s much more grounding.

Overall experience is of deep and profound experience of my body.

My experience has allowed me to connect in a deeper and grounding way, and nurturing too. Plus, to feel the tension and release it…

I have felt a deeper connection and relationship to my bones. I understand that yoga is about more than the body.

Started to make a connection – would like to explore further.

When we get close to getting perhaps really ill, I could imagine this is essential, fundamental, remedial work.

I feel a deep inner connection between body, mind, earth and God.

Contact jane.a@yasodharayoga.org for more information or to book a place. 

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