“Jane works in a very gentle and thoughtful manner – focussing on bringing inner observations out of her students, whilst lovingly challenging them to move forwards beyond their perceived physical and spiritual limitations. Her style and methods really maximise potential growth for the whole person”. December 15 workshop.

“Jane is the best and the most experienced yoga teacher certainly in Norfolk and perhaps in the UK. She lives, walks and breathes the practice that she teaches. Her awareness, deep connection and the purity of her energy make a difference for everyone who is looking for help with physical challenges and also mind, body and spirit alliance. I highly recommend Jane’s sessions, classes and seminars, simply BEING around her is a gift. Irina Valentino, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

“Jane is an excellent teacher who inspires confidence whilst making you feel calm and relaxed at all times. Her knowledge of the human body is endless and she is genuinely interested in your well being”. Y. N.

At the end of term, I asked those attending some simple questions. Here are some of their responses.

1. What has been your experience of this term?

The aims were to convey what the Path of Yoga really is, and, to experience a quality of deep inner connection, and mindfulness of the bones. Were these aims achieved?

This course is what I always suspected yoga could be but up to now hadn’t found it.
Yoga is a method where I can connect to my breath and the release what I’ve been holding for years. Yoga isn’t doing exercises and getting a great body. Yoga works from the inside out. Yoga helps me to be my authentic self.
Learning to become more embodied-more connected with the body. Always thought yoga would be too physically demanding, but attracted by your spiritual focus through practice.
I’ve begun to find a connection with my body and bones. It’s not been as difficult as I thought… I have found yoga to be less about..positions than I expected. It’s much more grounding.
Overall experience is of deep and profound experience of my body.
My experience has allowed me to connect in a deeper and grounding way, and nurturing too. Plus, to feel the tension and release it…
I have felt a deeper connection and relationship to my bones. I understand that yoga is about more than the body.
Started to make a connection – would like to explore further.
When we get close to getting perhaps really ill, I could imagine this is essential, fundamental, remedial work.
I feel a deep inner connection between body, mind, earth and God.

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