Goals & Intentions

Goals and Intentions

1 day workshop

Thursday 4th January 2018


Contact: jane@yogalightness.com



Discover your Goals and Intentions through the Kundalini System

The Kundalini System can be said to be a map for your life’s journey.

Enter in, and open to the symbolism of the System.

Set your compass for the New Year.


Discover the Goals and Intentions that your heart is asking for through exploring the Kundalini System, and open into a journey of self discovery.
Make lasting changes with tools that bypass the intellect and connect you to your inner teacher.


Allow the deep peace of the North Norfolk countryside to support your inner journey.


How do I create my world?

What ideas do I want to plant in my mind?

What kind of person do I want to be?

What ideals do I want to live by?

This workshop will help you to get in touch with your Goals and Intentions for the New Year, through reflection, visualisation, mantra and creativity,  and help to consolidate your discoveries to take forward into your daily life.


Residential option £360

One day workshop, £60

Two day workshop £110


Contact: jane@yogalightness.com for more information or to create a package that works for you.